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December 21, 2013, Category: Android Games
Zombie Tsunami fo PC – Free Download 4.73/5 (94.52%) 62 votes

Zombie Tsunami fo PC - Free DownloadThe Tsunami is a fun Zombie game in which, as the name says, the protagonist is zombie – and its main objective is to eat humans to make them become allies in order to control the Earth. The more you attack humans, get more zombies and there forms a “wave” of them. The game is free and is available for download in the App Store.

The operation of the game is quite simple and the fact he’s Portuguese help even more the Brazilian user. In the home menu, tap play. Then, you will be taken to a scenario in which your character, a zombie (which looks more like an alien) will run, always forward, in a horizontal view (as Super Mario and Sonic).

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As the zombie will appear continuing obstacles, as people in cars, people walking, pumps and many cliffs. The single command is the unique touch on the screen. The longer the finger pressed on the display, the zombie will be gliding and can make larger jumps.

The game starts off easy and seem to fool, however, with the passage of time, are being given new objectives, appear more obstacles, control multiple zombies together is complicated and, to make matters worse, their speed increases. So, you need to have enough attention not to burst into a bomb, hit a chopper or fall in vain.

With the coins collected in the game, you can access the menu “market” and acquire one or another booster to improve the performance of the zombies. In this same menu, there’s his “mission”, which is always composed of three goals. Adhere them to score points and then move on to the next.


  • Simple gameplay
  • A well-worked graphics
  • Addictive game mechanics
  • Purchase system of boosters


  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Zombie Tsunami on PC

Download: Zombie Tsunami for PCZombie Tsunami for Android

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