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November 5, 2013, Category: Android Apps, Apps
WeChat for PC – Free Download 4.60/5 (92.00%) 65 votes

WeChat-for-PC-Free-Download (2)WeChat is a complete Instant Messenger that promises to cover any need for communication. The application allows sending messages, emoticons, files and sounds. It is also possible to make video conferencing in HD and find people near you who use the service.

Before you begin, you need to register or use your Facebook to login. You can also confirm your phone number to facilitate the location of your friends through the smartphone agenda.

On the initial screen, you find all options organized on the base of the screen, such as “chat rooms”, “contacts”, “social” and “options”. In the chat window, the features can also be found on the bottom bar, ensuring that the largest part of the screen is used to display the conversations.

Our review of WeChat:

If you are concerned about the recent news that WhatsApp would soon charge an annual subscription and you are looking for a free alternative, WeChat is an excellent choice that surprised mainly by the large number of resources.

Complete and easy to use

The program’s interface is fully translated into various languages, is intuitive and easy to master, since all the options are arranged in the bottom of the screen. In addition, the chat window will not bring any surprises for people who are used to the programmed genre.

The extra features, like the “Live Chat”, “Video” and “Call”, for example, add points to the program by the serving a lot of versatility and transforming WeChat into a much more than a simple Instant Messenger.

A little heavy

The social possibilities of the application are also interesting, because it ensures that your friends receive status updates. The feature that searches for people near you (“look around”) is also amazing, especially if you want to make new friends using the service.

Despite of the excellent possibilities, WeChat is heavy and a little unstable. During our test, the app closed sometimes alone at random, and this indicates that the experience can be unsatisfying for people who have a simpler gadget.

Download: WeChat for PCWeChat for Android

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