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December 5, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Top Eleven - Free DownloadTop Eleven is the Android version of the acclaimed game released for computers. In the game you take on the role of a manager and must take care of various aspects of your football club to achieve worldwide success.

Here you have the more differentiated tasks involving the subjects of on and off the field, how to organize the training of the team and climb the 11 holders while must buy and sell players and hit new sponsorships.

The best is that you must do all this confronting real players and teams in matches scheduled to happen on a daily basis.

Virtually complete

As well as in the version for PCs, here you must also start the gambling by logging into the game using your Facebook account – even if these do not use any feature of the social network. Once this is done, the team is created – always with his first name as the Club’s nomenclature.

  • Squad: section on which you display information to your entire Squad, as players ‘ statistics and contractual deadlines, as well as adjust formations and tactics of the game;
  • Fixtures: see what is the schedule of matches of your club;
  • Training: Here you are able to train their players, causing them to gain improvements in their attributes;
  • Transfers: where do you buy new athletes and manages to negotiate those on your team who do not interest you;
  • Competitions: in this area you see information about the competitions that your team is playing: the game features three that happen simultaneously: the League, Champions League and World Cup;
  • Messages: read your club-related communications, such as information about sponsorships or contracts for athletes who are killing;

Departures happen once a day, always automatically and against teams from other registered real players in the game. If you can’t see the game live at the time was scheduled, just leave your team set up in advance for the clash.


  • Feature-rich mobile version
  • Clean and well-organized Interface
  • The player has various tasks within the game
  • Fighting against other teams of real players


  • Occurs only one departure per day
  • It allows customization of the team
  • To run Top Eleven on PC requires Bluestacks Emulator

Download: Top Eleven for PCTop Eleven for Android

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