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December 29, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Temple Run for PCTemple Run for PC – Embark on an adventure fast and full of dangers in the midst of the wilderness.

In Temple Run you’re a Hunter of relics that just stole a sacred artifact. To run the temple, strange creatures begin to chase you. You must escape them at all costs and collect coins that are scattered throughout the game. The objective of the game is to travel the greatest distance possible after stealing a sacred artifact.

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The task becomes complicated due to obstacles and sudden changes in the scenario. The game follows the style “endless run” (infinite race) and is one of the most fun and addictive games available for Android and iOS.

One of the facts which makes Temple Run a success is that he, besides being free, is not pestering the player with banner advertising or promoting at all times the player make in-app purchases using real money.

Instead, the producers opted for the perfect balance between who wants to buy items with real money and who doesn’t. But with our tips below you will get very far without spending anything.


The power-ups are special powers that you collect while running, they are: invisible, super-race and magnetism. The best of them is undoubtedly the magnetism, which causes the coins are attracted to the Hunter. With it is possible to earn more coins.

There is also a power-up singles, which can only be acquired by the “store” option in the game. It is the resurrection; with it, you can continue to play a game after having fallen. The problem of the resurrection is that once activated, it is valid only for 30 seconds.

Easy commands

Made especially for touchscreen, Temple Run has commands simple and easy. To turn to the right or left you must slide your finger to each side respectively.

To jump, slide up and slide down, slide your finger down. In a few moments the coins will not be in the center of the path, so you must tilt your device sideways in order to collect them.


Is it possible to make curves while the Relic Hunter is bouncing or slipping, simply slide your finger left or right while you jump or glide.

With the coins you earn, you can upgrade a few power-ups of the game, as for example, do the invincibility last longer or double the amount of coins won after 1,000 meters.

The ideal is to perform the upgrade, first of the skills that allow you to earn more coins as “Mega” Coin, Coin Magnet “and” Coin Values “. This last one is very important because it doubles and triples the amount of coins from a certain distance.

This change is visible by the change in the colors of the coins. The Mega Coin is also an important item, if you buy all the upgrades, she yields up to 250 coins at once.

On the right side of the screen you can find a meter with a toten to filling as you collect coins. The ideal is to leave this toten always full to win more bonus, to prevent it from empty, you can’t stumble in the roots and even touch the sides of the walls of the temple.

In no time, you will notice that instead of 100 coins, you’re already collecting coins in one game and you can buy all the blocked characters of the game.


  • Intuitive gameplay
  • Great Replay
  • Good soundtrack


  • Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Temple Run on PC

Download: Temple Run for PCTemple Run for Android

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