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December 21, 2013, Category: Android Apps
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SuperBeam for PC - Free DownloadSuperBeam for PC – Transfer large files in seconds using NFC technology.

Formerly load files were more complicated than today, because it was necessary to put them on CD’s and DVD ‘s. Now with your smartphone or tablet that is much simpler, especially the ability to place many files on a device that you carry everywhere.

Even loading multiple files, we need to share those files with friends and acquaintances. More shapes known as Bluetooth, infrared and message can be slow. To resolve this use Super Bee-NFC File Transfer, an application designed to send different content to other devices quickly, simply both devices have it installed and ready.

This application uses two ways of sharing, a is for QR Code and the other is via NFC (near field communication), both with a stable speed. The two can be used easily and with a few touch on the screen.

Incredible rate!

The transmission speed of this application is its biggest differential, mainly for getting to perform them in Mbps (Megabytes per second). This speed is greater than even the internet download speed, so downloading files of many MB’s in a few seconds.

Share different formats!

Unlike other sharing modes, with the Super beam it is possible to send several files simultaneously, without having to waste time going through the files of one on one. In addition, you can transfer files of various formats, because the application does not have limitations regarding this, and can transfer to archives (.ZIP,.RAR, etc).

How to use

Method 1

With the device that you want to share, enter the file manager, select the files you want to share, click “Share” or “Share” and select the Super Bee. Now I hope the QR Code to be generated.

After being generated, get the device that you want to receive the files, open the Super beam Scanner and take a picture of the QR Code. Now the transfer will be started, when she’s finished you can find the files in “/sdcard/SuperBeam”.

Method 2

Select the file, and then click share equal previously, but instead take the picture with the receiver unit, hold the back of both handsets and touch the screen of the device that will send the files (which contains the QR Code on the screen). That way the transfer will be performed without the need of Super beam Scanner.

Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run SuperBeam on PC

Download: SuperBeam for PCSuperBeam for Android

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