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November 2, 2013, Category: Android Games
Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PC – Free Download 4.62/5 (92.35%) 1202 votes

Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PCPlants vs Zombies 2 becomes one of the most anticipated games for mobile devices and PC. From this moment, you can download Plants vs Zombies 2 for free and use gardening to put an end to the undead.

The first version of this game was one of the greatest successes in mobile devices. I had already spoken of the launch of the second part of the game, but the date was delayed a little more than expected. From today you can already download Plants vs Zombies 2 for Android and iOS, a game in which, once again, the plants save us waves of undead.

One of the main novelties of Plants vs Zombies 2 is the business model change of the video game. In the first installment, the game was charging users, despite having been a bestseller, complained of the price it cost. Now they opt for a model increasingly more than fashion and becomes a free to play game: you can download it free of charge but you have to pay to get certain elements of the game.

Many times free to play games receive many complaints by trying to win the most money possible by offering a very limited experience wrapped in the “free” Word. It is not the case with Plants vs. Zombies 2, which offers a high quality game and many hours to enjoy without paying a penny. Indeed, that is its commitment, to fully satisfy the player so at the end players could purchase some extra personal satisfaction.

In addition to the change of business model, the game presents a very elaborate visuals effects, new weapons, different types of zombies and new locations. Plants vs Zombies 2 will travel to the ancient Egypt, the old West or the golden age of pirates. In order to play this game on your PC you will have to do it via Bluestack Android Emulator which allows you to play any android app or game on your Windows or Mac PC.

Download: Plants Vs Zombies 2 for PCPlants Vs Zombies 2 for Android

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