Monster Warlord PC – Windows 7/8 and Mac

December 31, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Monster Warlord PC - Windows 7/8 and MacMonster Warlord brings adventures in search of powerful monsters.

If you fancy a quality RPG, cannot fail to experience Monster Warlord. The game is filled with adventures and promises many hours of fun for players. You can download Monster Warlord for free on Android devices.


Monster Warlord in the fantastic universe explored in the game, the player will be helped by Mika, a guide that will point the path that should be followed during the campaign. On the road, the adventurer is faced with numerous extremely dangerous opponents. The goal here is to capture the most feared monster of the Kingdom. Fight the enemies and their monsters to fulfill its mission.


Monster Warlord the graphics are great, with a well-worked drawings. The colors shown are alive and pass a young aspect to the player. All the characters are based on the same stroke, but with occasional changes, maintaining a pattern of development without disrupting the creativity used in creation.


Monster Warlord after watching an interactive tutorial starring a cute character, the player is presented to the gaming environment. At the top of the display screen, are exposed all the important information about the life of the hero as the amount of wealth, the State of health, the energy available and the degree of resistance in the battles that the Warrior has. At the bottom, those interested have access to monsters, quests, battles and store.

Players can collect a large amount of monsters and they all evolve gradually. Most of the time, the creatures found are representatives of Earth, water, wind and fire. Some secret characters will arise during the game. To join two distinct beings, a new species will be created, making increasing numbers of characters who can be exploited in the campaign.

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Monster Warlord on PC

Download: Monster Warlord for PC — Monster Warlord for Android — Monster Warlord for Mac

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