Modern Combat 4 for PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)

January 10, 2014, Category: Android Games
Modern Combat 4 for PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac) 3.20/5 (64.00%) 5 votes

Modern Combat 4 for PCModern Combat 4: Zero Hour is the fourth title in the biggest franchise of shooting games for mobile devices.

The game, developed by Gameloft, was always known for the frenetic action and by visual impressive – improved with each new release.

As is customary, here you also need to save the world in a war against extremely dangerous terrorists. The problem is that now the threat is more real than ever. There was a devastating nuclear attack, followed by the kidnapping of some of the major world leaders.

With all this going on, you can’t make silly and should join an elite military group to save all these personalities before the Nations of the Earth come into collapse.

Frenetic action

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour goes straight to the point. As soon as you start a new campaign, get ready to start shooting without stopping. The game starts with you arriving in a match which reaches even to remember the great displacement of Allied troops in the so-called “d-day” in World War II.

During their matches, hide the shooting enemies and always move the map with the help of his companions. Their opponents don’t mark silly, so use the mire and run for the safest places.

In the conduct of matches, you will not use their weapons only “traditional”. In Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, you also makes use of other gimmicks that can be controlled through the tablet of your character. With the gadget you control a drone that completely wipes out the enemies, called in air support or artillery to detonate something.

Many traditional missions of FPS are also present in the game. You must rely on his skill as a sniper or shoot enemies while traveling at high speed aboard a jeep, for example. The difference is that here you follow both sides of the story, too, entering the skin of the villains and seeing everything that happens.

Control and new weapons

Despite the game not being free, in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour there are also improvements to be purchased. Among the options are upgrades to your weapons, different items and various types of armor. Everything is acquired through points earned during the matches, but it is clear that the difference really happens when you invest real money in the acquisition of large lots of bonuses.

Already in the menus and settings, an option of extreme importance for many people has been eliminated: the controls for left-handed players. On the other hand, you are able to fully customize the “Hud” (the screen), positioning control of the character and the remaining buttons the way you want.

Detonate in online multiplayer

The Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour brings a renewed multiplayer mode and with many options for you to enjoy yourself against players from all over the world. The game features a menu that shows all the alternatives and different game modes. Is to choose what you want and start shooting. In addition, you are also able to create local matches. Thus, only their friends that are on the same Wi-Fi network that you will be able to participate in gambling.

Last major update released by Gameloft, included two new modes: Bomb Squad & Destruction. There are also three exclusive maps for the shooters decor and two guns with two very different appeals: Special Forces Sniper Rifle (long distance) and Grenade Launcher Pistol (short range). This demonstrates the focus of the developer in the online environment, since the campaign has not received any notable change since the release.


  • Very good graphics
  • The gameplay is friendly and shows no problems
  • Narrated characters and sounds very good
  • The multiplayer mode is quite fun


  • Improvements need to be purchased with real money in the “shop” within the game
  • Some dialogues and events are very forced
  • Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Modern Combat 4 on PC

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