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December 1, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Jewels Star for PCJewels Star is puzzle type game for Android, in which you must align (horizontally or vertically) three or more tiles to clear them and score. At each level, you will have less time to achieve a goal set by the developers. There are over 350 levels at eight scenarios that include mountains, snow, sky and others.

Every three parts aligned, you score increases; When you hit four, you win a bonus for on normal value and a bomb which eliminates what is around; and to get five, will activate a jewel to be touched by another piece, will eliminate all other Board of the same type.

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Jewels Jewels game interface StarNa Star bottom is intended for back that shows how much time timer still has to win the challenge, and on top, is shown on your level, score and if you’re playing again, the best I’ve got.

Some levels bring jewels that are chained or frozen. They cannot be moved or used. To release them must play with those that are close and so, cause explosions that release.

In some cases, such as when disposing of many jewels, you will win a lightning, which can eliminate everything in a given row. The faster you go, the higher score you will get.

The game Star Jewels is basically a copy of the classic Bejeweled strategic, however, well made and as interesting as the original for those who like to type games. It comes in English, is free and compatible with the Android version 1.6.

Download: Jewels Star for PCJewels Star for Android

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