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November 12, 2013, Category: Android Games
Hungry Shark Evolution for PC – Free Download 4.45/5 (89.07%) 377 votes

Hungry Shark Evolution for PCHungry Shark Evolution is a game with 3D visual effects in which you in practical a shark in growth phase. To be successful, you will need to feed themselves satisfactorily, no matter the type of diet available: fish, turtles, squid or even swimmers and divers.

How is noticeable in its premise, Hungry Shark Evolution is a violent game in which your shark will not let food to keep themselves alive and active. A great advantage of the game in addition to its aesthetic is he does not have physical limitations, making the sea in your shark inhabits is unlimited, giving the game countless options of clashes and discoveries. You can, for example, discover a valuable sunken treasure or conflict with an atomic submarine.

Regardless of what you find, your mission is to make its predator grow, however, side quests, with a total of 45. Compliance with these and discoveries of items to give your character extra bonus strength, speed and other improvements, besides enabling the release of four other species of sharks, such as Hammer, Tiger, Mako and white.

Hungry Shark Evolution is a free game with beautiful graphics and soundtrack, good controls and speed and visual violence plentiful. He has social integration with Facebook and is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


  • Fast gameplay and a lot of fun
  • 3D visual effects
  • Realistic sounds
  • Open world to explore
  • Upgrades and many species
  • Simple controls

Download: Hungry Shark Evolution for PCHungry Shark Evolution for Android

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