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November 4, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Hill Climb Racing for PCHill Climb Racing is a racing game which requires a lot of and agility. Basically the game puts players to drive a jeep in mountains full of ripples and obstacles. Your goal is to get the protagonist alive until the finish line and get the largest possible amount of coins.

The control scheme is completely based on fixed buttons, simply touch the icon shaped like a pedal that is found in the lower right corner of the screen to speed up (“GAS”) and use the right button to brake.

During matches, the coins that you sum will buy upgrades to the vehicle. It is possible to improve four attributes: the engine (“Engine”), suspension (“Suspension”), tires (“Take”) and the body (“4WD”).

But what makes Hill Climb Racing so special? Maybe a few many things, initially, control, only have two buttons, the accelerator and the brake/reverse gear, while in the PC games we usually have 4 crossbars of the keyboard to operate the vehicle.

Unlike in all other games in this genre, in Hill Climb Racing we will not passing us screens until you reach the end, here will have some different worlds (mountain, snow, alien, etc) when in each world you will have X metres of travel to reach the final, every 200 meters we spend approximately 1 level map and extras to get it they give us a few coins.

But not everything will be as easy as running forward with a little bit of care until you reach the goal, we will have to make it as fast as we can since just us gasoline and will have to replace it with the bottles that you will find along the way.

The interesting thing about the levels will be getting money to buy new vehicles and unlocking new levels.

Download: Hill Climb Racing for PCHill Climb Racing for Android

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