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November 7, 2013, Category: iOS Games
Hay Day for PC – Free Download 4.71/5 (94.17%) 48 votes

Hay Day for PCLive working in a rural area is not easy. But this character, tired of the urban world, is willing to give a chance to this challenge in Hay Day.

After receiving an inheritance from his grandfather farm, you will discover all the advantages – and challenges – to take care of an establishment like this. Thus, it is your task to plant new foods, create the animals properly and sell the fruits of their work.

The whole process of interaction with objects – are plants or animals – can be done with ease: to interact with any object, just click on it, choose the desired tool and drag it to the item.

With the growth of your farm, your products will be increasingly requested by nearby towns. All necessary items can be seen in the context of “missions” in the game; just choose one of them for food to be sent. Just don’t forget to get profits from sales by clicking on the truck when he gets back from its delivery.

Our review of the Hay Day:

Hay Day is a game that surprises with ease. It is interesting to note how a game with a concept so close to what we see in “competitors” as FarmVille can simultaneously be so different.

The graphics in the game may seem modest at first, but is watching closely what they are really impressive. Each object is full of details, of small gaps in the tiles of a House to the leaves of the trees. And, to help, we have a quiet music that blends well with the climate in the rural environment.

Unfortunately there is not a version for PC so in order to play Hay Day on your PC you will have to install an iOS emulator or iOS viewer.

Download: Hay Day for iOS

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