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December 15, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Fruit Ninja Free for PC – Free DownloadFruit Ninja free for PC – Real Ninjas hate fruit Use his sword to destroy these plants.

The ninja is a Shadow Warrior, fearless and virtually invisible. When given a mission, the ninja to comply as quickly and discreetly as possible. In Fruit Ninja, Sensei (Japanese word for teacher) admits that ninjas hate fruit, and your mission is to destroy them with precise strokes of ninja-to (Japanese sword straight, unlike the katana samurai that has the curved blade).

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Striking the various fruits that are played across the screen is a fun activity and reassuring, since the heinous vegetables should not have the honor of being in the Dojo (training facility) of the Sensei.

His sword is controlled by your fingertips, which should be dragged across the screen until slice melons, kiwis, strawberries, oranges, passion fruit, coconuts and melons that fly back and forth on your Android.

But beware! The way of the ninja has been never easy and dangers lurking all the time. To keep his disciples always alert, the Sensei plays once in a while, along with the fruit bombs that will finish their journey if they are struck by his gun.


Every good work should be rewarded. The Sensei knows this and offers his disciples more applied various rewards. Different swords and walls where the horrible fruit juice destroyed will flow when they are affected by your gun are the advantages that you, like ninja, should aspire to.

Obtain weapons or different backgrounds is not as simple as it seems. Specific objectives, such as destroying various fruits after stopwatch accuse the endgame or destroy three equal fruits while the Sensei throws different fruits are required to obtain distinctions and prizes of the Dojo.


In addition to the normal game, in which the goal is to destroy as much of the fruit before three escape the vengeance and fury of his blade, Fruit Ninja also offers a relaxation method developed by Sensei.

In “Zen Mode” there are no bombs and you don’t have to worry about escaping fruits of his sword, however the game is timed.

So as to achieve the fruits, all commands on the menus in the game are made by dragging your finger on one of the fruits that indicates what action the user wants to practice. Thus, entering a new game requires the annihilation of a watermelon, and quit anything, or go back on a decision, depends on the attack on a bomber.


  • Fun to the point of being addictive
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Interesting way of controlling the game, needing the sword for everything
  • The rewards change vision, with funds or different swords


  • Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Fruit Ninja Free on PC

Download: Fruit Ninja Free for PC – Fruit Ninja free for Android

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