Dragon City for PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)

January 9, 2014, Category: Android Games
Dragon City for PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac) 4.88/5 (97.50%) 144 votes

Dragon City for PCCreate Dragons of various species in a fantastic farm and share with friends!

Dragon City is a game farm management that runs on Android phones, iPhone and Facebook too. But don’t think you’re going to take care of a farm with cows and chickens, because here the player will create nothing less than Dragons of various species. Take care of the eggs, feed, build nurseries and expand his farm until it turns into a city.

Dragons farm

Dragon City is a farm Simulator, in line with the so-called time management-time management-themed fantasy where we created dragons. In addition to the normal activities of farm how to plant food and build own habitats for each species, you can interact with friends through social network, promoting interbreeding between different species and even fights among its dragons in arenas.

The first step in Dragon City is to build a nursery suitable for a given type of Dragon, you put the egg in the incubator shortly thereafter. After that you need to feed your Dragon, build a farm to produce food and so on. These basic functions are explained in a basic tutorial.

Take care of the finances of your farm

In addition to the variety of resources at their disposal, the player has certain goals to meet, all to raise money and expand your farm. For being a social game there are several possibilities of interaction with their friends, all of this is explained in the game. There are also some items that are only available through cash, i.e. real money, but they are not requirements of the game and you can pretty much play and have fun without them.

The visual of Dragon City is very beautiful, with great graphics well produced and able to please gamers of all ages, the soundtrack and sounds in General also do not leave something to be desired. The gameplay is good and does not compromise, using almost exclusively the mouse.

How to play on Facebook

To play Dragon City, you do not need to install the game, since it runs directly in your browser. Are required, however, a valid account on Facebook and the Flash plugin installed in your browser. To play, simply click on the link below and you will be redirected to the application page on Facebook. Log in to your account, if not already logged in, click ‘ Play ‘. Okay, now you can start your own creation of dragons!

How to install on Android

By clicking the download button present on this page and choose the download of the Android user will have two options. The first is to use the QR code reader device; the second box, click the application’s link on Google. In either case, you will be redirected to the page of the App in the Google WebStore.

There you should choose the option Install. It doesn’t matter if you’re accessing the site by android phone or by computer, once you log in with your Google account, the registered device will be visible and the download will be carried out in a matter of moments. At the end of the process the application icon will be created on the main page of the smartphone or tablet.

How to install on the iPhone

The download button, click the option corresponding to the iOS system. This is done you will be redirected to the page of iTunes, Apple’s application store. Click the Free button and then on “Install App”. Wait a few moments until the browser is fully installed on your device.


Dragon City is a great social game. She brings the simplicity of farm games, but together the challenges that make it more challenging than most management games. In terms of the chart he is impeccable, the design of scenarios is a bit generic at times, the highlight is the Dragons. The real stars of the game, each has own features reptile and outstanding personality.

The gameplay is another strong point. At first she seems somewhat complicated, but with thanks to initial tutorial you can learn the main commands in a few minutes. The possibility of challenging friends expands the experience beyond the borders of the cell. Recommended.

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Dragon City on PC

Download: Dragon City for PCDragon City for AndroidDragon City for iOS

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