Danger Dash for PC (Windows 7/8/XP/Vista/Mac)

January 25, 2014, Category: Android Games
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Danger Dash for PCBy fanatics, who love adventures challenge your limits the infinite-infinite racing games run – Run as Temple 2, are a great option to download. For Android phones, the Danger Dash fulfills this role, being a lighter version, but with the same level of fun of My Favorite Evil: Minion Rush, the Danger Dash is an indispensable download for all users who enjoy an adventure in infinite racing genre.

In Danger Dash the player will assume the role of an Explorer who in his adventure through Asia, stumbles upon hungry Tigers. Now the only option of our hero and run for his life, skipping or dragging by obstacles and get the largest number of Nickels and Dimes. Don’t miss the opportunity to live to explore once again in Danger Dash for Android.

Infinite Run, a genre so exploited

The genre of infinite run game has become very popular for mobile devices, and today is one of the most used games categories by producers to adapt any film or theme for mobile. Being a game where the main character must run down a trail going through obstacles to achieve maximum distance possible. The game typically uses the same elements, changing just the visual of the phases, which leaves the most economical production.

How to play Danger Dash

The gameplay of Danger Dash is very simple and will be dominated quickly by the user. Your character will run automatically by the scenery and the user must pass commands to do it Dodge obstacles that will appear in front of you. Note that the scenario has three lanes and you can move freely between them, so that the user must pass the finger sideways on the screen, if you want to go left drag your finger to the left and do the opposite to move to the right.

Other movements needed to survive as long as possible is to jump and glide by obstacles. To jump on the objects the user must drag your finger on the screen up or down, if it is necessary to pass beneath some obstacle. With just these four commands the player can enjoy completely your adventure running away from wild tigers.

Releasing characters on Danger Dash

Note that during your adventure the user can collect money, these currencies can be exchanged for bonuses, special items or additional visuals. The store is full of options and the most striking of them is to be able to change the look of your character. With the amount of credit is possible to change your skin to a robot or a damsel and differentiate in the online world of Danger Dash.

Note that each new character unlocked in this game will provide an amount of special bonuses, but can only be bought with a lot of sacrifice and dedication, or a small dose of real money injected through micro transactions.

Completing missions

A quick way to get money in the game Danger Dash is complete the challenges presented at the beginning of the match. By completing the challenges the credit will be added in the range of the game and you can be spent immediately on items and upgrades. With a good strategy to spend their money than Danger Dash you can improve its performance significantly.

Requires Bluestacks Emulator in order to run Danger Dash on PC

Download: Danger Dash for PCDanger Dash for Android

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