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November 2, 2013, Category: Android Games
Clash of Clans for PC – Free Download 4.70/5 (93.93%) 583 votes

Clash of Clans for PCClans of Clans is a strategy game that is very similar to other examples of the genre. The goal of the game is to keep our village and to get more resources and warriors to face rival villages, and, definitely, to create our own clan. Of course, the most striking thing is the multiplayer, in which you have to deal with other players to get victory points. Here is where lies the greatest potential to engage in this game, in caring for our military and to have no mercy against our enemies.

It is easy to see why the Clash of Clans is so addictive, since it has all the ingredients to do so: graphics that are betting on caricature instead of realism, balance between units and several resources that collect and keep. As often happens in such securities, the basic game is free, but we can achieve improvements in Exchange for micropayments.

Clash of Clans that allows you to build a settlement of a town to a fortress, create clans with other players, and battle online. It is the second more downloaded game from the Apple Store for iOS, and if you are curious there is also a version for Android. The good thing is that Clans of Clash keeps your profile updated if you pass from iOS to Android.

Clans clash is compatible to run on PC operating systems such as Windows and Mac via Bluestack Emulator which allows you to play and run any android app or game from the Google Play Store.

Download: Clash of Clans for PCClash of Clans for Android

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