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December 14, 2013, Category: Android Games, Blog
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Castle Clash for PC – Free DownloadCastle Clash for PC a strategy on the edge in this game in which you must attack, defend and manage a city.

Castle Clash is a game of strategy and war developed exclusively for devices with Android system.

In the title you must enter into battles super busy, in which there can only be one winner.

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To do so, you need to face matches full of traditional elements of consecrated genre. A tutorial will ambientá it inside the Castle Clash, however, if you’ve played any game of strategy quickly will understand how everything works.

A true metropolis

Within the title you need to build and develop different types of buildings. Each of them presents a specific function and all are important for their development within the games.

The gold mines, for example, produce the fundamental wealth so you can progress within the game. And as important as the golden metal is the “Mana”, a feature that also collected through “power plants” and that goes for you to develop buildings and new soldiers. Speaking of buildings, besides the ones that focus on inputs, you also need to build military academies, centres of development and several other buildings.

Attacks and defenses

Castle Clash, you need to worry so much about the attacks, but also with their city’s defences. So it is always a good invest in structures that can maintain (or trying to!) the integrity of your city.

Torres, for example, needs to be intelligently positioned in their city. Similarly, you need to be a true strategist in time to carry out their attacks. Buy spells and produce certain types of soldiers are fundamental elements in the time that you perform an onslaught against any enemy.

At that point, the Castle Clash brings two options: you can follow the history of the game and fight against the computer or, if you prefer, try to attack the city from another player, something that may be even more exciting.


  • Whimsical graphics
  • Traditional elements of games of strategy
  • You can attack or defend
  • You can attack other players ‘ cities


  • You cannot create or join clans
  • You do not give orders to the soldiers during battles
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Castle Clash on PC

Download: Castle Clash for PCCastle Clash for Android

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