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December 18, 2013, Category: Android Games
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Asphalt 8 for PC – Free DownloadAsphalt 8 for PC – New leads and luxury car for street racing more mind-blowing in the world.

The Asphalt series reaches its eighth edition, bringing a different gameplay, along with a new graphics engine and physics effects. The new Asphalt, the cars perform incredible stunts and jumps. The look of the game is more beautiful than ever, which puts Asphalt 8 directly in the hall of the best racing games for smartphones and tablets.

The news of Asphalt 8: Airborne

Go around the world, running on circuits in Japan, Iceland, France and even in Brazil. Are 47 cars to collect divided into classes. Asphalt 8 is full of events and races to participate, are eight seasons and more than 180 events in career mode.

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Asphalt has 8 real-time online multiplayer mode to compete against up to seven opponents. In multiplayer mode, the races may be divided into “classic”, “disposal” and “Infection”. The “classic” mode is a normal race, where whoever gets there first wins. Already in “Elimination”, the last car on each lap is removed from contention.

“Disposal” is the novelty in Asphalt 8. In it, a runner gets infected and receives a regressive time counter and infinite nitro. The Mission of the infected and destroy the other cars to win more time, the first to cross the finish line wins. If the infected time counter reaches zero, her car is destroyed.

Asphalt 8 even comes with the ghost mode, in which players write their best performances in the career mode and can use them against other opponents who are also playing career mode.

Tips for Playing Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt has 8 simple commands that allow easy driveability of the car. The default control is the accelerometer. For cornering, the player must tilt your device. The acceleration is automatic and to use the nitro, simply tap on the right side of the screen.

But if you’re having difficulty with this control scheme, you will be able to choose among others accessing the settings menu. Here’s an important Tip: the best way to control the car, mainly in the drift, is the “tap to turn”. In it, the acceleration continues, the buttons of brakes and Nitro are positioned at the bottom of the screen and to turn, just tap on one of the corners of the screen.

Do tricks and perform stunts it is important to fill the Nitro meter. On the ramps straight, tap the brake and touch to turn the car perform a jump spinning in 360 degrees. In the steeps, visit the ramp by the upper part, so that the car makes a twirl in midair.

In Asphalt 8, cash bonus is given when the player wins a race. However, these bonuses are achieved also to spend some time without crashing into other competitors or in the scenario.


  • Cheap price
  • Many events
  • Addictive Multiplayer mode
  • Incredible graphics
  • Great soundtrack


  • Rather expensive cars
  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Asphalt 8 on PC

Download: Asphalt 8 for PCAsphalt 8 for Android

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