Android Device Manager For PC – Free Download

December 17, 2013, Category: Android Apps
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Android Device Manager For PC - Free DownloadAndroid Device Manager For PC – Locate and remotely lock your gadget lost.

The Android Device Manager is an official service of Google that has been specially designed for you to trace your lost Android handset. The tool works from the web or by means of any device that has the official app.

When you run the program in your gadget, all that needs to be done is play in the “accept” button to put the service in place. So, you access a screen that lists all devices that are linked to your Google account, plus a map with the partial position of devices.

If you missed the gadget into your room, for example, the Android Device Manager also allows you to “connect” to the appliance by means of the function “Play”. Another more radical function is “Delete”, which ensures that you can delete sensitive information if necessary.


  • Intuitive Interface and leaner
  • Tracking resource, blocking, and deletion of personal data notification


  • Requires Bluestacks emulator in order to run Android Device Manager on PC

Download: Android Device Manager for PCAndroid Device Manager for Android

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